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Fresh Starts – May Blog 2016

Fresh starts – May Blog 2016.

Firstly – totally my bad on the lateness of Mays blog, things have been so crazy gig/life wise for me as of late that I simply didn’t get the chance to write something by my usual deadline. I’m sorry.
None the less, there is that old saying that it’s better late than never’. So with that in mind, here’s my May blog.
A lot has changed for me this year. I’ve added a couple new gigging projects to my diary as well as the UK drummer podcast, which has added to my work load (not that I’m complaining, as I could talk with my fellow drummers for days on end). I’m ┬áin the process of moving my teaching practice, and my band also recently decided to start fresh and rebrand/remake out image after years and years of gigging under a different name. We’re now called ‘Dead Days’, if you want to check us out.
The name change was a tough decision to make as part of me really felt like we were throwing all of our previously done hard work away, but we took the plunge and did it, and the feedback we’re getting from our first single ‘Liar Liar’ has made me realise that the rebrand was the total right thing to do. Suddenly we’re getting attention from various industry people that previously never really thought we had anything to offer. Weird huh… I mean we are the same band, just with some new songs, a different name and a slightly changed image.
Anyway, it’s made me realise that on a whole, we really shouldn’t fear change, not within our playing or practise. Not within the bands or projects we’re involved in, and not within more personal situations like work or relationships.
Change it would appear, is completely inevitable and we really only have two choices when faced with it.
1. We can try fight against it. Get stressed out and end up changing anyway. So really, we waste a lot of energy.
2. We embrace it !!! Yup, it’s easier said than done (of course) but it’s doable and by looking for positives within the situation that’s changing we might see that no matter what the change is, that it could be as good as a holiday (perhaps just not as relaxing).
So in conclusion, what I’m trying to say is this. Look for positives in any/all situations. There are always positives, even when we can’t see them (trust me), it’s been proven to me over the last few months within my band rebranding etc.
In fact, one of my best friends (a brilliant producer I know names Dylan Ellis) recently said to me that some of brightest lights only shine after the darkest storms, and he is completely right.
We need to understand that we can’t change what ever plan has been set aside for us. All we can do is hope that we’re strapped in and prepared to hold on for the ride. Even if we don’t personally enjoy whatever it is that’s changing, the end result could still surprise us.
Till next time, keep practising, work hard and try be a good person…