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Episode 14 – Brendan Buckley

Episode 14 of the UK Drummer podcast has me talking to LA session drummer Brendan Buckley. Brendan currently plays with acts such as Shakira, Tegan and Sara and JJ Lin, but has also do recordings/performances for Gloria Estefan, DMX, Miley Cyrus and Lauryn Hill. To listen head here – www.soundcloud.com/ukdrummerpodcast/episode-14-brendan-buckley 


Steve White Interview

Steve White Interview – by Travis Marc – 2011.

Steve White is legendary within the drumming community, he has played for numerous high profile artists, performed on countless recordings and even given tuition to some of the UK’s finest up and coming talent. In addition to this Steve continues to appear and inspire thousands of drum enthusiasts by performing at drum clinics across the country, he also recently began to work behind the scenes in regards to artist development with songwriters such as Sam Gray. I had the opportunity to talk with Steve backstage at this years ‘Freddy Gee Drumming Academy’ event and here’s what he had to say…

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Richard Wilson Interview

Rich Wilson interview – by Travis Marc – 2011.

I recently had the privilege of watching a master class performed by RAW teaching studios owner/drumming educator Rich Wilson, I thoroughly enjoyed his approach and mindset towards the drums and thought that you might too. Here’s what he had to say…

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Mark Richardson Interview

Mark Richardson Interview – by Travis Marc – 2010.

In my opinion Skunk Anansie’s Mark Richardson is without a doubt one of the greatest rock drummers in the world. His playing is powerful yet dynamic and musical yet solid. In addition he makes performing with an energy that not many drummers show anymore, look effortless. He recently took a bit of time out of his schedule to talk with me about what he is currently up to, here’s what he had to say…

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Chris Rivers Interview

Chris Rivers interview – by Travis Marc – 2010.

Chris Rivers is the drumming powerhouse behind local rock band “Heaven’s Basement”. In his humble opinion he describes his drumming as simple, yet solid and hard hitting, for anyone who has had the opportunity of ever seeing him perform live you’ll know that there really is a lot more to it. In this interview we chat to Chris about how he got started, his influences, and even his favourite football team, read on to find out more…

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