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Swiss Chris Interview

Swiss Chris Interview – by Travis Marc – 2014.

Swiss Chris is the author for best selling educational drum book ‘Modern Drum Set Stickings’. He also happens to be one of the most sought after drum clinicians and sessions drummers in the world. He has performed with Gloria Gaynor, Kayne West, Estelle and John Legend (just to name a few), and continues to provide grooves and more for some really big name producers on numerous mega hits. Before the UK Drummer website was hacked  last year, we had the opportunity to ask Chris some questions about his book and career in the form of an interview. Here’s what the ‘stick trick’ groove master had to say…

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Manu Delago Interview

Manu Delago Interview – by Travis Marc – 2014.

Sometimes, if you look close enough there’s  a lot more to a lot of drummers than what we might initially think. One such drummer/percussionist is Manu Delago who is able to perform beautiful melodies in rhythmic forms on numerous percussive instruments including his mighty hang drum. Manu definitely thinks outside the box and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Heck if anything, it makes him quite refreshing. We had the chance to talk with Manu earlier this year, read on to see what he had to say.


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Jeremy Colson Interview

Jeremy Colson interview – by Travis Marc – 2014.

If I could only two words to describe drummer Jeremy Colson (who currently plays for guitar extraordinaire Steve Vai), those words would be ‘dedicated’ and ‘inspiring’. In the time I spent speaking with Jeremy I discovered that his musical journey hasn’t always been a bed of roses but that his constant dedication and self belief has made for a much more interesting career. Considering that Jeremy currently has one of the coolest/biggest gigs in the world he comes across as extremely humble and appreciative and it’s easy to see that the regardless of the level of gigs he’s currently doing that he is first and foremost just a guy who really loves music and drumming. Here’s what Jeremy had to say…
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Robb Reiner Interview

Robb Reiner Interview – by Travis Marc – 2014. 

After watching the ‘Anvil’ documentary I simply had to reach out to Robb to try and secure an interview with him for the site. Anvil have worked so hard, for so long, that I feel that they deserve every bit of exposure that they can get. Plus, Robb just happens to be a really great drummer. A man of few words, Robb keeps it short and to the point. Perhaps after years of ups and downs in this extremely tough industry he just likes it that way, anyway here’s what ‘Rocking Robb’ had to say….RobbReinerAnvilDrums
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Stacy Jones and Paul Doucette Interview

Stacy Jones and Paul Doucette Interview – by Travis Marc – 2013.

Paul Doucette and Stacy Jones of Matchbox Twenty are two of the coolest and most upbeat guys I’ve ever met. Both outstanding musicians in their own right and each having had success behind and away from the drums, I was very excited to get the chance to talk with them. It was nice to get insight from both Paul and Stacy on a lot of the same subjects as both are multi instrumentalists who’ve had enormous success within the music industry, Paul as a drummer/rhythm guitarist/co songwriter in Matchbox Twenty and Stacy as a drummer in bands like Letters To Cleo and Miley Cyrus and a guitarist/singer in his own group American Hi-Fi. Here’s what the guys had to say on a recent interview we did with them…
PaulDoucetteMatchBox20                                    (Paul Doucette loving his new role as rhythm guitarist)
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